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He has her creeping about on all fours in a thick rubber hood. Sidney her, she gets wet, whip her, she wants more, sit on her face, smothering her with her big ass. She pleases her Sidney more with her mouth, begging for his cum all over her. She experienced lesbian domination like this at the hands of a cruel but compassionate Sidney.

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A true submissive at heart, Sienna is only just beginning to discover this side of herself and finds the journey very emotional. With her tits pulling her up and her hands tied behind her back she is flogged repeatedly before Chanta thrusts the magic wand on to her swollen clit and rips an orgasm out of her wet pussy. The mixture of pleasure with pain is addictive so the bondage is made harder.

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Juliana makes sounds of distress. Her face flawless and her pain tolerance is off the scale. This is Juliana we are talking about. And Juliana shoots to the moon. During this rough fetish sex role-play scene. Disobedient girl.

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Marina is just such an intense pain slut that she begs to be double teamed. They have excellent little toys for making her cry or cum whenever they want her to.

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However, when we stuck fingers in her and and fucked her G spot hard she said it was "too much", "too sensitive", "I can't take it". Yeah, like that will work. So we go to the next logical step and finger bang the fuck out of her until she is REALLY (I stress that word) cumming like a helpless whore. We get screaming, begging, and a desperate struggle to get away.

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Mistress Harmony is not amused, she quickly grabs it and in no time has the balls tightly bound and secured. The poor bastard is abused both verbally and on his raw dick, which Harmony is focused on torturing. Harmony secures him to a table with his legs spread wide open. His cock is milked and his juices are fed to him in a final act of humiliation.

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It's raw and brutal and everything a BDSM aficionado wants to see. Cyd Black and Claire Adams are relentless in their punishment of Jandi and Sarah Jane Ceylon. Each finger of either hand is bent back and tied off as hot wax is poured onto her tender palms, splashed on her breasts and elsewhere. Sarah watches from the floor where she is bound ankle to neck awaiting her turn to be punished.